I keep my minds eye honed on the glory of His throne
Ahavah is my home
Lord your eternal light has shone
You led me to shalom
Golden temples
Milk and honey
I can feel it in my bones
I seek Your Majesty
An audience with the King
Kneel under gravity
Singing rivers and springs
A healing rhapsody
Glowing seraphs with wings
A holy cavalry
All your mastery
Your works immaculate
Withholding nothing
Each fragment accurate
From the moment the temple curtains split
The wick was lit
Holy Spirit descended in
No longer slave to sin
I have authority over it
You conquered the grave so now I′m made legitimate
Infinite are the bounds where your grace reaches
The strength to my weakness
The body to my thesis
Your mercy leaves me speechless
A tailor who patched me up with a perfect cloth
Every permutation
Perfect draw
I was cursed
You covered me and all my flaws
Take a pause and acknowledge victory on the cross
Not a loss
Sounds like thunderous applause
Hear the praise rise
All clear no more grey skies
Baptized with no blemishes in Yawheh's eyes
New lives
Devil defeated
Destroyed his whole disguise
Signed a holy peace treaty ain′t talking Versailles
A contract completed
Had my hope revived
Death forever depleted
The Lord's spirit thrives
Feels like woo-sah when I'm one with Christ

So as we come to the end of this journey
And as I reflect on where I came from
One thing is for sure
I found paradise
Now when I say paradise
I don′t just mean a place
I mean a state of mind
A state of being
Cause its not about where I am now
It′s about who's I am now
And knowing who I belong to
Knowing that I′m God's child
And we′re all God's children
So I wrote this
For all the people trying to find paradise
Just know its closer than you think
It′s closer than you believe
I wanna thank you Jesus
For your love
For restoring my true identity
And for my new thing


1 January, 2022