If you want to be free
To live your life
Reach the heights that we all try to reach before our live tip of the peak and fall beneath our eyes
Your sheer existence is the force of all that′s in your mind
And if you force yourself to learn enough you might just find
It opens up you further, till your mind is like ...?
...? that's the miracles you heard of
Not the man behind the mirror
Or the man behind the mic
It′s the way that mankind keeps a natureistic life
That makes up
What you hope to be, taught to be, extraordinary
There ain't limitations in your mind
Stimulation is defined by what you breathe, what you do
By what you see, is it truth
It's all make-belief
Life′s a game
Between me and you, it′s all I got
So I split to the curb and drop
I try my best everyday
To be the best and when they say
I got no hope
That's when I get up
Pull off the ropes?


30 December, 2021