Vitamins Are Good

Vitamin A activity
Makes it easy for you to see
Make sure you eat frequently
To prevent defficiency
Vitamin B is thiamin
Folic acid and niacin
Panophenic acid and riboflavin
Piradoxine syonocovalamin
Especially important for older women
Under supervision of your physician

Mmm... vitamins are good
Vitamins are good

Vitamin C antioxidant
Useful if you want to prevent
Anemia and birth defect
And cancer to a small extent
Vitamin D is strong hormone
Promoting the healthy formation of bone
Effectiveness is still unknown
Possibly the cause of kidney stone
Vitamin K is found in plants
It′s anticoagulant

Vitamins are good
Mmm... vitamins are good

Vitamin E is best of all
Also known as tocopherol
Helps to prevent heart disease
Improves the health of elderly
You can get from vegetable seed
Corn on cob or frozen peas
Pay attention to RDA
Amount that you should eat each day
Take your vitamins prescribed
And you will lead a healthy life

Vitamins are good
Vitamins are good


30 December, 2021