South Central

Blood hit the concrete, another victim of a homicide
I can hear the five-o he ain′t make it
And now his mama on channel 9
Trying to cope, daddy gone, she cant take it
Vengeance is up, somebody gon ride full of hate in their hearts
Ski mask on their eyes, pop pop pop.
Who else gon to die, why you steady tryin to prove dat you bought dat lie
I watched the lost files profile, I peep the Hood hustle
No bond servant, twenty cut Dats all the muscle
These boys servin more time than a watch
This Fisher cut bait, lil homie Tik Tok
Be a brother, still trying to live that hood favor
Dope money in here oh well, bullets on the table
He's saying he′s trying to change but can't stop it
At nights he be shaking he don't see where we dey??
Where the streets get cold n dey keep bringing up issues
Now it′s bad to get paper back n roll up Swishers
I′m from a hood where anything goes
And youngn's cell dey souls for a mouth full of golds
Don′t believe me????
Come round here stuntin, they'll merk for da chain n pawn it, Rick Money
Let the devil paint a picture, that′s the only way to make it
But Jesus offers life cuz I won't let you go


29 December, 2021