*I wanna do the victory dance
Just give me my one shining moment
I wanna raise up my hand
I wanna show′em all I can
I wanna do the victory dance

(Repeat *)

I work all day down at the marketplace
At night I'm flat on my back
I′m just so tired of being tired
And goin' nowhere fast

I lay on the couch... turn on the T.V.
I see these guys up on my screen
They all know the thrill of victory
All I know is the Agony of these feet


I wanna step into the batter's box
With that big game on the line
And with one mighty swing of the bat
I wanna kiss that ball goodbye

I wanna catch that old hail Mary
Fall right across that goal line
I wanna shoot one in from downtown
At the end of double overtime


Well we′ve all heard how that story goes
Every dog has his day
Well this dogs been left too long
Out in the pourin rain



25 December, 2021