Time, Pt. 2

You can′t change the hands
Leaves fall, the hourglass losing grains of sand
Time to make some plans
Ready and primed, sketchy design to make demands
One of kind, don't run in a line, that ain′t the brand
Gun by the side, I don't wanna ride
Don't make me fam
They cover the signs, to trouble my stride, but can′t
I land
Right on my feet, find me a street and raise the flag
License to ill and you temporary like paper tags
Razor blades, rubber bands, paper bags
I can show you the past but I don′t want to go back
See, I look to the future
With no time to waste
On lies and hate
Or side-eyes from fakes
I lie awake
Til my mind escapes
Trying to find a way to a designed estate
Luxury mansion, lucky I'm handsome
It look good together, so cinematic
Just a small preview of what I done drafted
Built a solid foundation so it′s everlasting
The best advice I ever got was from a never-has-been
The problem ain't taking a fall, it′s when you let it happen
I'm in the cut, eyes low under shaded glasses
Hardly correspond others, I don′t like no antics
I'm trying to take advantage
They wanna play semantics
But we about luxury, sport, you want that basic package
Ha, see I am not what you on
Who's right and who′s wrong, who cares I move on
Build a bridge and get over it, Hova shit
One can be the loneliest, but only if you notice it
What′s the point of setting plays with actors, who don't know the script
A one man show, just means you got no bones to pick
I keep them suckas out my mix until the finish line
Out here tryna get to mine
And I ain′t got the time

I ain't got time, no time to waste
Time to waste
I ain′t got time, I ain't trying to wait
I ain′t trying to wait
I ain't got time, no time to waste
Time to waste
I ain't got time, I ain′t trying to wait
I ain′t trying to wait


24 December, 2021