Intro to on a Foggy Night

Well I think it′s about time I took you on an improvisational adventure into the bowels of the metropolitan region. Looks like a bonafide, high voltage, decked out in full regalia, Angelino audience. Driving in, in Subarus, Pintos, Malibus, Oldsmobiles. A small suburan community. This is a... kind of about 2.30 in the morning, you've been standing on the corner of Fifth and Vermouth and you climb into the helm of a 1958 monkey shit brown Buick Super and your on your way home. A luxury automobile, bought it dollar bills, Easy Autos for next to nothing. Cruising along, everythings going fine, put a little smooth music on the stereo. Light up an Old Gold, save the coupon. Gotta think in terms of that patio furniture, that? man. Your on the Santa Monica freeway headed in an easterly direction, you just past the La Cienega turn off and you run into a cold fog bank.


21 December, 2021