Hate my boss at the job
Bills are stacking up
And I′m going so crazy
Car note's due to today
I′m fed up with the world
And stressed out

[1] - So tonight
Let's dance all our cares away
You and me, me and you
It's all about you and me
Me and you, you and me

So much negativity
I need a way to release
All the tension in me
Gotta make ends meet
But I won′t let it get the best of me

[Repeat 1 (2x)]

Oh, let′s the dance night
Like it's a fantasy
(Andale) You and me (Andale) yeah
And it′ll ease my mind
It'll take me away from all the fantasy
Oh yeah

[Repeat 1 (2x)]

Hey! You, me and you baby
Just us two baby, you
I′m so stressed out and I want to dance, oh yeah

[Repeat 1 till end]


21 December, 2021