Where Are You Now

Well are you high or are you low?
And do you even really wanna know?
Tryin′ to get somethin' for nothin′
Hunting points no one makes at all
You're searchin', you′re thinkin′
You'll probably never know

Like, are you fast or are you slow?
But if the river takes you where you gonna go?
Between the shock and the sinking below
You think you matter, but you really don′t
And the wind in your sails is thinkin' I′ve too many miles to go

I would never believe I couldn't make it on my own
I stuffed so many cards up my sleeve so I could play at home,
It′s just a well we're diggin'
To try to mine for reasons
That′s all

You know, like am I a young man or am I old?
And do you really like the stories getting told?
My train′s always passin' through
I got boxcars of ideas I gotta do,
But the painful reality is I′ll never see them all through

And can you define if you're an intern or are you pro?
And does it even make a difference down the road?
You make your choices, but don′t forget
Who made your backbone

You better stop lyin' to yourself
You′re always livin' with somebody else
If there's a vision - you′re seeing - then take it
To where you want it to go?


21 December, 2021