My Miracle

Every time I thought of all those years gone by
I realize you never left my side
A father who believed that I can reach the stars
A loving mother who would often be my guide

I don′t know what I can do to show what you have meant to me
I haven't got a clue except to share it all with you

Can this be my miracle
Please tell me that it′s real
Can this be my dreams come true
Nothing else will do
The farthest I've gone
(That I'll cherish from now on)

All my hopes have finally come to light
And all my fears I gladly left behind
The future shines on me so clear and bright
Words cannot express the joy I feel inside

(Repeat refrain)

The road we traveled wasn′t easy
The challenges I met were never few
But through it all I never doubted
That one day I will reach the skies for you
For you

(Repeat 2x)


19 December, 2021