I Know

Trying to get through closer to you the shadow of doubt has made it so hard to but
Everyday you tear away a piece of the wall built around me maybe i...
I... know
Slowly I′m believing what I'm seeing
Suddenly I′m trusting what I'm feeling this
Time this love ain't leaving me cold i...
I... know
You quiet the sound of a heart that′s still unsure
You hold my hand when I′m ready to run out that door
I... know
When I tell you I Iove you I mean it
For the first times I'm not afraid of needing you so
No matter, no matter what I′m not leaving you nooo
Cuz I... know
I... know
I... know... I know
So when I tell you I love you know I mean every word
When you tell me that you love me
It's the sweetest truth that I′ve ever heard
And IIIII know
That your loving me no doubt
No... And I know
I know
Finally got thru
Closer to you


19 December, 2021