The Curse of Wealth

I see the people all the time
Counting all their dimes
Walking around living one big lie

I bet they all go far
Driving those rented cars
Going around in circles hoping that you′ll see them

You say you're quintessential,
You say you′re something special
But it's time to move on,
And get on with your life

Everybody (everybody)
You got, you got to love yourself
It's not all about the wealth
(Oooh yeah it′s not all about the wealth)

And everybody,
You can′t put your life up on the shelf
Theres nothing else

I hear them talking everyday
The purchases they made
Hiding their faces with those fake designer shades

They say their doing well,
But they should take a look at themselves
Theres gotta be something in their life they know thats missing




19 December, 2021