Rear Naked Choke (feat. Viro The Virus)

Got emcees taking notes
I′m the utmost cutthroat
Tap 'em out, rear naked choke
Standing guillotine, I clearly ain′t a joke
If spittin's the issue my style's Brazilian jiu jitsu
Lames claiming they′re the game′s chance
A damn scene, must be having brain cramps
They're not in Viro′s ball park
I got the glow plus the all spark
I'm better than new pussy and new money
So fresh I can get pussy from two buddies
Even sisters, big as a big pimpers
* * * * * *not a B lister
Blue chipper, even sicker than a fever blister
Ask if any disagree you wouldn′t hear a whisper
They know what I'm ′bout
Sexing heffers at best western, blunt in my mouth
I get scaled like that
Test my skills, if you will, if you're real
All these emcees get dropped to the mat
Niggas thought the V stood for Vendetta
Now the know it's Viro since they see me getting cheddar
They on the couch playing GTA IV
I′m out getting cake with schemes that make more
Boys used to call me Chuck Smut Lover with a fat ass
Now my buck′s up, they call me Mack Swag
See me looking cooler than a black Jag
I have 'em ready to bounce like packed bags
Get more head than a gas mask
Then add up my nuts like a math class
On the fast track with some sticky grass
A three-pack of? gold mags? in a whiskey flask
Get smashed if you′re in my path
Feel the wrath, nigga, that's your ass
Haters′ mad and it makes me laugh
They thought I met my match, I told 'em: "Not so fast"
Slice fold like an Afro Samurai
I can′t lie, I'm Viro and damn, I'm fly
I′m like the man on the mic
So smooth you couldn′t hit me with a hand full of rice
The pen is stronger than the sword I think
But I keep a sword just for it my pen's out of ink
No kid is like myself, can′t see me like I'm stealth
I′m back stroking to the finish line, Michael Phelps
Undefeated from Jump Street
I prefer my girls easy on drug's teat
Bump me in your Jeep, I′m such heat
You'll feel like you're riding around with the sun in your front seat
I′m more cool than most fools
Old school, but far from too old for a young freak
But I say that, tongue in cheek
I′m spraying flames on the beats
Playing for keeps, like that
I play them all it don't matter what they status is
I show ′em all who the baddest is
I get scaled like that
All these emcees get dropped to the mat


17 December, 2021