I'm OK

Nah, I-I′m good
Nah, I'm alright
I′m grinding

Yo my pro tour's fixed, now I'm back to work
Used to be a space cadet like captain kirk
Trying losing three ′mil, that shit hurt
Now I′m underground again, but I'm trapped in dirt
Money that I make now, chump change
Fuck a blog trying to get onto the front page
Too late to be a doctor or a lawyer
My last three jobs, I was the employer
Now I′m on suicide watch
Who am I? Do or die
Super sly fox
Still a little monster, my voice still hot
So I writin' every night what fuckin′ choice have I got?
Bad things run through my mind all day,
They keep asking me if I'm OK
Looking for the sun but the sky dark grey
Still, I keep telling them that I′m OK
Bad thoughts run through my mind all day,
They keep telling me that crime don't pay
I just sit at home writing rhymes all day
Looking in the mirror thinking 'I′m OK′.

Feel like I'm too old to be out selling drugs again
Too old to be a thug and hangin′ in the club with them
A lot of people wearin' jewelry in public
I guess we can wait outside the club
And then start muggin′ them
I got a good relationship with God
If I do some shit like that
I'll be looking like a fraud
Tired of lookin′ hard
And life is just a game
So I play it like a guitar
Little more wore down
West coast killa'
But I'm still North shore bound
Little too violent for the kiddies though
Block out an album {Bang}
And shoot a video
Brighter than a flash light
Quit the smoker joker like a hash pipe
Shit, I′ll eat a rapper for breakfast
Burp his diamond ring up
And shit out his necklace

People say that money is the root of all evil
But when I′m payed, I'm flyer than a fucking bald eagle
Now I chill with all these beautiful people
But they′re looking down at others thinking
'They are not equal′
Been poor, been rich, now I'm poor again
Northwest king from Vancouver to Origan
Anybody disagree I′ll go to war with them
But this I'm not encouraging
I'm a human hurricane
You don′t wanna make waves and start a turf war
You′ll drown as I rise to the top like a surfboard
Leader of the dwarf lords
Cooler than a North shore shooter on the fourth floor
Now here's a message to my rivals:
Meet me in an ally, I′ll be gouging out your eye balls
I'm very merry when I carry...
You′ll find me very scary while I'm tearing out your throat
Things are gunna be alright, man...
I just gotta keep working, stay focused.
No fuckin′ drugs, no fuckin' bullshit, no clubs
Just stay in the studio, man
Hang out with my fam
Keep a-... keep a circle tight!
Watch movies and work out
Make music...


17 December, 2021