Love Will Bring It All Around - Crossover Mix

Living in this world feels like I′m in the middle yeah
And when it's going wrong, it′s far too much to bear
Watching news on tv, looks like we're all so little yeah
Life's pushing us around like we won′t change a thing

Living day to day like there′s not another one
One step at a time, just grateful that I'm alive
It′s easier to see the dark, painful side of things
But when I look back, I'm learning from everything

No we can′t let hope burn out
If we hold peace inside ourselves

Though I know that this life lives inside of me
It can feel like the world's crashing down
When I′m lost in the pain life is frightening
But i remember love can bring it all around
Yeah someday our love will bring it all around


17 December, 2021