You can always face the long embrace of the setting sun
Taste its warmth on your skin
One last exhale of a big ordeal and the day′s nearly done
And the night is sinking in

Makes you feel so lucky
Makes you feel so lucky
When beauty puts you in a spell
And you can really take it in
What it means to be alive and well
To be lucky just to live

Some days have their way of going down
Like a fall to the floor
Some folks know that they are the lucky ones
How can you be sure
When you catch the light at its most divine
You know that you belong
And the time of day that golden haze
When you blink and then it's gone

Don′t you know you're lucky
Don't you know you′re lucky
As you watch the day become the night
Now it′s really sinking in
Feel the warmth turn your body to the light
Feel it sink into your skin
Makes you feel so lucky
Makes you feel so lucky
Noticing the things that go your way
Don't it make you happy
Don′t it make you happy
Knowing how you're gonna face the day


15 December, 2021