Hello Bluebird

Hear that bluebird, up in a tree
Hear him, what a song,
Joy he′s bringing, singing to me
Singing, all day long

Goodbye to skies of gray.
For I'm back home today...

All day long I jump and run about
You can always hear me shoutin′ out:
"Hello bluebird!"
Got no time for blues or anything
I'm so happy, I just wanna sing:
"Hello bluebird!"

Blue skies, sun shine
Friends that are real
Old folks, sweetheart
Oh, how I feel!

I'll not go roaming like I did again
I′ll stay home and be a kid again
"Hello bluebird, hello!"

All day long,
I keep singing
"Hello, I′m glad I found you, bluebird."

Make yourself at home...
No more blues,
Just because I'm happy
When I′m around you, bluebird.

No more need to roam
Up above the sun is shining
The World is ideal
I just can't describe the marvellous way
That I feel...

With nothing but the bluest skies above
What a rosie future lies ahead
Thank you, bluebird!
Happy, happy, bluebird!
Mister Bluebird, hello!


15 December, 2021